• Only the interview form submissions that are selected to be included in the the book will earn a portion of the profits.

  • WomenFix reserves the right to deny entry to WomenFix's Linkedin Group or to deny the submission of an interview form at any time.
  • Anyone under 18 years of age will require a signature from their guardian on a release form after they complete the interview form. To get the release form, you'll be asked in the final question on the interview form if you are under 18 years of age. After checking yes, WomenFix will email the form along with the submission answers back to the person to get their guardian's signature.

  • Additional rules & FAQs below


How long does each interview form take?


Each submission form takes about 15 to 30 minutes to fill out depending on how quickly you can tell your story. Once you get through page 1 there are a limited amount of required answers so you can see all of the questions if that will help you craft your story.

Will my contact information be confidential?


Your contact information will not be shared with any third party except the organizations or people you mention in the referral questions in the form if you choose to make your submission public. If you choose to make your submission anonymous then your contact information will not be shared with anyone outside of WomenFix staff. The WomenFix staff have all signed strict confidentiality agreements.

What does the anonymous option mean?


If you choose to submit your story as anonymous, we will not share your contact information with any third party. We will only use your contact information so that we can pay you the dividend you've earned if your story gets published.

How can I earn money by submitting to WomenFix?


WomenFix is partnering with women...literally! We are sharing 50% of our profits from each volume with the published storytellers. Plus, an additional 10% will be shared with our referral partners. That means if our profit for Volume 1 is $200,000 and there are 100 stories then each storyteller will earn $1000 (in U.S. money). We say 'our' profits in case the book gets produced through a publisher. Our (meaning WomenFix) profits are calculated as follows:

WomenFix's Profit per Volume = [ ((Selling Price of Volume−Cost Price of Volume) × 50%) / number of stories ] x number of Volume_X sales

(example: WF Profit = $2,250 per storyteller = [ (($30 - $15) x 50%) / 100 stories ] x 30,000

Cost Price of Volume includes fees included by not limited to: all publisher's fees, printing, production costs, marketing, distribution, insurance, staff, and any other operations costs.

How long will I earn money from WomenFix and are there any limitations?


The profits will be determined 4 months after the book is available for sale. Dividends will be awarded no later than one month after the profits are determined. Then dividends will be awarded every 6 months for the life of the profits still coming in per volume. (Note: Each volume will have varying profits.)

However, in the event that WomenFix does not sell enough books to cover costs, or for some reason cannot get enough submissions to create a book, then WomenFix will notify the storytellers and partners and this agreement will be terminated.

What type of book format will WomenFix be available?


Our goal is to publish an eBook, print book, and audiobook. These are not necessarily in order and will be determined by requests in the signup form and also in the crowdfunding campaign.

What happens if there are two similar story submissions?


In the event that two problems and/or solutions are very close, WomenFix reserves the right to choose one over the other for publishing based on our internal review process. However, this does not mean that both cannot be published, but one story may be put into Volume 2 rather than Volume 1. Or, WomenFix will publish them near each other so that readers can compare multiple viewpoints about the same topic.

Why is WomenFix paying storytellers and promoters?


WomenFix believes that your time (whether an individual or a corporation) should be reimbursed. We want to pay storytellers for their time, experience, and expertise so they can do what they need to do with the supplemental income. Our model for paying storytellers is similar to paying people for research, but our model is more incentivizing.

What happens if I don't get included in the book?


Only winning entries get included in the book for a chance to earn royalties. However, everyone is a 'runner up' in this contest because everyone who enters will be invited to the private WomenFix network. If your entry is not used in the book, it may still be published by WomenFix on our blog.