Lindsey_Frick_Strategist_Engineer_and_Social_Entrepreneur.jpegLindsey Frick is the creator of WOMENFIX. She is a mechanical engineer turned professional problem solver who is passionate about fixing sustainability problems while giving others opportunities to live their dream. She speaks and hosts workshops to help people find their missions and helps companies and individuals learn how to solve big problems. She is also a representative for a UN NGO in NYC and integrates the UN Global Goals into all of her presentations. 

For a decade she has run her own product development consultancy where she worked with over 20 inventors and entrepreneurs to build their products from idea to packaged good, designed a controversial but proven football helmet product called Shockstrip, built new revenue streams and digital products for industry associations and alternative energy companies, and is a published writer in engineering trade magazines, UN Empower Women, and USA Today.

After a decade of working with mostly males, she experienced a trend of being told by some of them that she is too young, thinks too big, and to some of her readers is 'too female.' So she began looking outside her mature, male-dominated industry for women mentors and books to help explain her thought processes.

One eye-opening book was The Female Brain by Dr. Louann Brizendine. This book coupled with other resources helped Lindsey realize that it might not be her engineering background that helps her solve problems, but actually, the fact that she is a woman. Now, Lindsey is on a mission to engage with women across the world to get them to embrace their innate gift known as women’s intuition and learn how to use it.  Connect with Lindsey on LinkedIn.


Kerianne-headshot-002-(1).pngKerianne Marston is a Research Consultant for WOMENFIX, and is a professor at Cleveland State University. She holds a masters degree in philosophy with a concentration in bioethics and is interested in using critical thinking and problem solving to assist and empower those who are often marginalized. She has also studied yoga, including adaptive practice for those with cognitive and physical limitations. Kerianne has worked in both customer service and non-profits and believes that women and other underrepresented groups deserve to have their voices heard and their unique skills recognized and valued. She lives in Rocky River, Ohio with her daughter, husband and cat.

She believes that by sharing our stories through WOMENFIX, women can work to feel empowered and unique as problem solvers, challenging the man-as-leader societal norm and normalizing women in these roles. Connect with Kerianne on LinkedIn


Megan_Pratt_WomenFix.jpgMegan Pratt is a Social Media Developer and Research Consultant for WomenFix. She received a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Communications from Arizona State University in 2010. Megan has utilized her degree by working in the industries of non-profits, association management, meeting planning and special event planning. After working in industries that are predominantly filled with women, Megan has seen the differences between the way Corporations and Women-Owned Businesses run.

Through her own career and personal experiences, Megan fully supports WOMENFIX's mission to celebrate the way women identify and solve problems. She believes that WOMENFIX could be the tool that inspires young women to achieve greatness in their careers. Megan hopes to see more women excel further in the workplace in order fill top executive roles across all industries.

Megan resides in Arizona with her husband, son, and two dogs. Connect with Megan on LinkedIn.


Mary_Ann_Bennet_WomenFix-01.JPGMary Ann Bennett is a filmmaker for WOMENIX. She recently graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a degree in International Film and Media Studies. From her knowledge of film and TV history, she aspires to strengthen the input of women creators in the entertainment industry. She is inspired by women who break stereotypes and encourages them to create their own story, breaking away from the designated Hollywood trope for women. She currently has an apartment Brooklyn and enjoys interacting with the New York hipster population.

She believes WOMENFIX creates an important community for women to share their work and ideas, bringing strong individuals together to help circulate the voice of women in an otherwise male-led society. Connect with Mary Ann on LinkedIn.


ria_burgess_womenfix.jpgRia Burgess is the designer and painter of WOMENFIX's book cover art. Read about how she brought soul to problem solving and her advice on overcoming professional inadequacy.

Ria believes, "Much of our Western education comes down to uneducating ourselves about everything we were educated about. The 21st century spawned a shift in consciousness and consequently, a shift in popular rhetoric. While our politics may differ, most of us are well aware by now that capitalism, wars, factory farming, and processed foods are neither strengthening the human race nor promoting our well-being as individuals.

WOMENFIX gives women the stage, because the feminine side, the intuitive side, is the side of humans that is most in tune with the universal law of nature. Women today are the force sewing the seeds of hope for the future of our planet."  

Ria is a painter, designer, and yoga teacher. For more information visit or connect with Ria on LinkedIn.