The world’s sustainability agenda will bring problem solving to the forefront of every industry. Problem solving will be the hottest skill to have mastered in any job. WOMENFIX events and book will help you learn how to holistically and creatively identify and solve problems in profitable ways, by:

  • Learning about the world’s sustainability agenda with the United Nation’s Global Goals program
  • Practicing problem solving with tools and worksheets from experts
  • Comparing different strategies and models from real-life stories about problem solving with greater good in mind

Our curriculum strives to span interdisciplinary, scientific, psychological, and cosmic know-how. You will learn how to tap into intuition like a woman, ask questions and find answers like a journalist, understand resources and the flow of money like an economist, brainstorm like an artist, and use systems thinking to solve like an engineer.

Problem solving using WOMENFIX tools is not just important for your own well-being, it is imperative for the world. Experts say the world will run out of resources in just thirty four years. Without adequate, clean resources people will suffer from scarcity which will cause more violence, hunger and disease.

YOU have the power and the opportunity to turn scarcity into prosperity by using WOMENFIX techniques which unlock both sides of the brain. 


Mission Livin: Mission Statement is a fun tool developed by a WOMENFIX'R. In just 3 questions you can craft a socially-minded dream job/gig/project that fits your lifestyle. (Like the MadLibs of Mission Statement Development) It's important to develop a mission statement because it sets boundaries to help you decide which problems you will be happy solving short term and long term.

This tool is accompanied by a short downloadable worksheet that can help you turn your mission into a profit-making pitch idea. You can use the advice and examples to help win budget as an entrepreneur, intrepreneur, consultant or other person in the problem-solving puzzle.



If you have a tool, worksheet, video or article that you think might fit our curriculum, contact Our curriculum/book and speaker series includes various authors and experts.