How can I earn money by submitting to WomenFix?


WomenFix is partnering with women...literally! We are sharing 50% of our profits from each volume with the published storytellers. Plus, an additional 10% will be shared with our referral partners. That means if our profit for Volume 1 is $200,000 and there are 100 stories then each storyteller will earn $1000 (in U.S. money). We say 'our' profits in case the book gets produced through a publisher. Our (meaning WomenFix) profits are calculated as follows:

WomenFix's Profit per Volume = [ ((Selling Price of Volume−Cost Price of Volume) × 50%) / number of stories ] x number of Volume_X sales

(example: WF Profit = $2,250 per storyteller = [ (($30 - $15) x 50%) / 100 stories ] x 30,000

Cost Price of Volume includes fees included by not limited to: all publisher's fees, printing, production costs, marketing, distribution, insurance, staff, and any other operations costs.