What happens when you connect women from different backgrounds and industries? MAGIC! Event dates can be found on our LinkedIn Group, NYC Meetup Group or Chicago Meetup Group. 


Here's a list of some of the events we host...For a complete list of workshop and speaking topics and WOMENFIX speakers, click here.


WOMENFIX's famous 'Speed Networking for Female Problem Solvers'

How it works: Everyone at the event will get a one minute to say what they are working on, what problem they might want to work on, and what they need/wish list. Then open networking so you can find your squad, connect the dots for others, or just make friends with people who share the same mission.

Criteria: Every project or startup needs to try to achieve the WomenFix goal: to raise the quality of life in profitable and sustainable ways. We all have different jobs, passions, experiences, etc. The problem you'd like to fix or are fixing can be small or large (and don't worry if you don't have a pitch or a wish list, you can just say your name and skills)!

Attendance & Time: We limit to 30 to 40 people max so that we keep to the 2 hour schedule.



Don't know what you want to do in life, or don't have a problem to fix? WOMENFIX can you help you identify and define your passions and talents so that you can become a lean, mean problem solving machine. 



Have an event you'd like to work with WomenFix on? We bring 'womanels' (women-stocked panels) to events to help talk through and possibly solve industry problems directly with your audience.

Contact editor@womenfix.com with your event date, location, and needs. We are currently setting up a tour and looking for corporate sponsors to help us connect women to enable REAL CHANGE!


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