Is bleached flour giving you anxiety?


Dough is the base to bread, pastries, pasta, and other diet staples. But is your morning bagel with a coffee an anxiety-spiked cocktail? 

Tamara Duker Freuman, MS, RD, CDN, is a registered dietitian who shared with a WOMENFIX'r that some of her patients suffer from heart palpitations after eating bleached flour. The palpitations are the result of an allergic reaction to the chemical/s in bleached flour. However, she says that palpitations are rare...

The social think tank WOMENFIX interviewed roughly 150 people at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City and about 70% of people said heart palpitations or some variation of it happens to them. WOMENFIX believes this is not rare and can show up in the form of food-induced anxiety, racing heart or panic attacks. WOMENFIX is continuing the survey at Natural Products Expo East, Sept. 22-24 at Feel Good Dough's booth #8315 and online: Take the Survey Here.

Freuman says, “There is a rare autoimmune condition called mast cell activation on which people's mast cells produce too much histamine. High histaine levels can cause many adverse reactions including (but not limited to) heart palpitations.

The bleaching chemicals in white flour can trigger mast cells to release histamine in susceptible people. (In people without mast cell disease, there is also something called histamine intolerance when you can't break down dietary/endogenous histamine quickly due to enzyme deficiency and this causes similar symptoms.) these are a) RARE conditions and certainly wouldn't be expected to affect 70% of any general population, and b) have NOTHING to do with food induced anxiety.”

She shared at the trade show in New York that the reaction from the chemicals in the bleached flour could be lessened with a BENADRYL®.

Anxiety or Histamine Intolerance?

Dr. Janice Joneja says in this article, "I first reported the association between histamine intolerance and anxiety and panic attacks in my 2001 paper, Outcome of a histamine-restricted diet based on chart audit. (1) I had noticed that several of my patients with histamine intolerance reported that their “panic attacks” had completely resolved after they had carefully followed the histamine-restricted diet which I had prescribed for their symptoms of histamine intolerance.

In all cases I had previously been completely unaware of the panic attacks since neither I nor they had thought to mention their occurrence during our consultation sessions. As a side-note: I wonder how many people now being treated by psychiatrists and psychologists for “panic attacks” are actually experiencing histamine intolerance, and would respond better to a histamine-restricted diet?"

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